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At Tandava Arts we believe bellydance is for everybody—no matter your age, shape, size, background, gender identity, or dance experience. 

 Our no-nonsense approach to technique and movement breakdown will get your body dancing safely as you explore this beautiful art form. 


You will also learn the cultural history of the dance, as we honor its Middle Eastern, Hellenic, North African, and Turkish (MEHNAT) roots in our instruction on music and choreography. 

Start your beautiful adventure in bellydance now!

Photo by Brian Lin

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SharQuí®—the Bellydance Workout

Mondays 6pm
Tuesdays 7pm

Thursdays 6pm via

Get your hips moving and your heart pumping as you shimmy your way to a stronger, more confident body in this revolutionary 60-minute workout that's great for anyone of any age or skill level. 

This unique bellydance format is fun and easy to follow— we drill a  in a sexy fitness combo with a focus on fun! Improving your posture, slimming hips and legs, defining the waist, increasing upper body strength, and burning more than 350 calories per hour! 

SharQuí®—the Bellydance Workout L2

Fridays 7pm

Take it up a notch with precision drills and layering, putting it together in a multi-level SharQui fitness choreography, and finishing our workout with a heart-pouding shimmy challenge!


Whether you want to learn to bellydance, strengthen your dance technique, or just want to move your body and have fun, this class is perfect for you!

Fun with Bellydance Props

Fridays 6pm

Focus on FUN in this playful open-level class, where we explore the magical world of bellydance props, such as:

  • Finger Cymbals (Zills/Sagat)
  • Veil
  • Fan Veil
  • Fan
  • Wings
  • Candles
  • Cane
  • Sword

And more!!

Basic Bellydance Technique & Combos

Tuesdays 6pm
Sundays 2pm

Learn the fundamentals of bellydance with Carol Tandava as you learn short hot combinations that you can break out on any dance floor to any dance music.

Each move is broken down to make it easy to do, while videos and other instructional materials are provided so you can practice at home in the Tandava Arts Facebook Group.

Advanced Beginner Technique & Choreography

Sundays 3pm
Mondays 7pm

Practice Egyptian-style bellydance technique with Carol Tandava as you learn beautiful choreographies to sizzling Middle Eastern music.

Students will be given individualized feedback and access to instructional videos through the Tandava Arts Facebook Group, as well as performance opportunities on successfully learning  choreographies! 

Continuing students only. No drop-ins, please.

Thrill audiences as part of the Tandava Arts student troupe 

Whimsical Hips ♥ 

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Release your inner Shakira in our student troupe, Whimsical Hips!

Whether we’re heating up the stage at a nightclub or festival, intriguing audiences with our sublime theatrics, or being just plain silly, Whimsical Hips is a favorite of venues across the city.

If you’re a new student, just take one month of Basic Bellydance, 6pm Tuesdays or 2pm Sundays, to be eligible to join the Advanced Beginner class, 8pm Tuesdays or 3pm Sundays, and audition for Whimsical Hips.

Drop-in $20 all Classes

Discounted Packagages and Month Passes are available!

Clinton Cameo Studios
307 West 43rd Steet & 8th Ave
(across from Chick-fil-A)

What Students are Saying about Tandava Arts Bellydance!

  • Excellent work out while celebrating your body. It takes some time to get used to the movements but I've had fun since day one. I truly look forward to spending an hour with the wonderful women in class. — Kezia
  • Love this class!! Great workout and Carol really breaks down the moves so you can understand them. She keeps the class fun and upbeat and even if you mess up the moves, she compliments and encourages you.  — Penelope
  • Super Quick response to get my classes set up. The fitli app is really convenient to schedule for multiple classes. The actual class and instructor are amazing. Such a welcoming environment and the teaching style is so on point you can easily pick up the moves and get a good workout even on your first try. — Nicole 
  • Great workout and so much fun! Highly recommending to try it out. — Agata
  • Love the ladies of the operation, dance instructor have a positive spirit and she knows how to teach her art beautifully. Can’t wait to go back!!!!  —  R.M.
  • The class is a great experience. You would learn a whole dance after your first class. Great way to add a mini workout in and fun.  —  Celine
  • Excellent teacher! Positive vibes 💜💜💜 —  Liubov
  • Wasn’t sure what to expect but... WOW!!!! Sooooo much fun...  —  Irene
  •  Best Dance Class Ever! — Francia
  • I attend the Friday class and love the energy of the dual teachers. It's fun learning choreography. judgement free! When you feel good you look good!  —  Loren
  • Carol is an excellent instructor. —  Nipa
  • A fun workout. Nice people. They make you feel comfortable and will help you find your confidence. —   Makeyva 
  • I loved the classes, the instructors are awesome. It is a great workout, fun and I will keep taking more classes because they are that great. —  Laury
  • Carol is awesome!!! I felt so comfortable in her class as a beginner. She was thorough and knowledgable about the craft. Looking forward to more classes!  — Cassy
  • Great class! Very kind and friendly staff and students! Will definitely come back, I really enjoyed myself and had a great challenging class. —  Mennen
  • She is a amazing instructor.  — Kim

A Message from Carol Tandava

Twenty years ago, when I was fitness-obsessed, I felt a sharp pain while working out. It turned out I was bleeding internally, and radical abdominal surgery saved my life. It also left me in constant pain with three herniated discs. 

I tried yoga, Pilates, and physical therapy, but it wasn't until I took my first bellydance class that I began to fully recover. 

Practicing deep muscular contractions and isolations brought vitality and joy and taught me to love my body more than ever.

I'm so grateful for having bellydance in my life, and deeply appreciate the many wonderful teachers, students, and audience who love and support this beautiful art!

Want to know more?

Tandava Arts LLC is a non-profit company that provides bellydance instruction and performance.

We also produce full-scale theatrical events, such as our signature shows, Blood on the Veil: A Bellydancer's Journey Towards Healing, Transformation & The Divine Feminine, and Living Our Mythologies: Divinity in Dance.

We believe that dance is essential to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and support our community through ShimmyCare charitable dance instruction, performances, and fundraising events.