Saturday, May 20, 2023

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Dancing Down Broadway!

The Tandava Arts Student Troupe Whimsical Hips will thousands of international dancers in the annual Dance Parade!

In 2019 our beautiful dancers were featured on the cover of the Daily News coverage of this event. 

Don't miss this year's offering—a traditional Egyptian Cane Dance (Raqs Assaya) choreographed by Mahin of Phoenix! 

We'll thrill audiences with this joyful folkloric bellydance. Don't miss out! 

Sunday, October 31, 2022 

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Halloween Performance!

The Tandava Arts Student Troupe Whimsical Hips will be performing at Theater for the New City

After a two-year hiatus, Whimsical Hips is back in FULL FORCE!!

I'm so proud of these incredible ladies who have taken on the challenge of live performance at this quintessential NYC Halloween event that featuring acts from theater to circus arts to music to dance to a scream contest!

Theater for the New City has brought thrills and chills to Halloween for over 45 years!

Whimsical Hips is honored to be performing TWICE at this spectacular event!

The afternoon performance will be at 3:45pm on the OUTDOOR STAGE on East 10th Street between First & Second Avenues.

The evening performance will be at 10:45pm as part of CABARET.

And best of all, admission is FREE, FREE, FREE!!

Check out all the details on Theater for the New City's event page.

(And, by the way, Halloween is my birthday so we'll go out to celebrate after!)